June 17, 2012

Alabama's Immigration Bill H.B. 56 ::

I seldom read the N.Y. Times any more since the paper has limited so much of its content, but I decided to check it this morning and came across this article by Diane McWhorter, a Birmingham native. Here's one of the money quotes from the article:

Since Alabama has no foreign border and a Latino population of less than 4 percent, the main purpose of H.B. 56 seems to be the id-gratification of tribal dominance and its easy political dividends. A bill co-sponsor, State Senator Scott Beason, was frank about his motive: “when their children grow up and get the chance to vote, they vote for Democrats.”

That's a brutally honest statement regarding at least part of the intent of the bill. The modern republican party is all about voter suppression while maintaining its power!

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