November 19, 2012

Post Election Thoughts ::

I felt bad that I hadn't posted anything here in the lead up to this year's presidential election and I have to confess that my enthusiasm for sharing my thoughts about the electoral process was at a minimal level, but I have to say that I'm very much heartened by the outcome although I think that we have miles to go before I'm completely satisfied, if that ever happens.

I've always been a Howard Dean fan I think that if the Democratic party had continued to follow his 50 state strategy we would be in a much better position than we are now, but my hopes are still high for the 2014 elections if we can get to the point where we have Democratic opposition to all republicans no matter how inconsequential the race. When I was marking my ballot a couple of weeks ago I was struck by how many races, mostly judicial, where there was no Democratic opposition. I really hope we can change that.

My congressional representative, republican Mo Brooks, had marginal opposition; Democrat Charlie Holley. Unfortunately Holley did not have much of a political machine, but he did better than I thought by losing by only something like a 30 point margin. I'm hoping that we can find a viable candidate for 2014 who will be able to generate some serious support!

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Been Gone Too Long ::

I guess I kinda lost track of my blogging to this site as well as one other, but I was kicked in the butt today when another site that links to me announced that it was going to update its links so I figured I'd better post something here. I'm going to try to do better since it's been around 5 months since my last post.

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